The Most Interesting Traditions In Finnish Culture

Finland is an intriguing and curious country that is home to over 1000 lakes. It is also the home of electronic giant Nokia and is also referred to as the home country of Santa Claus. The country is also known for going through an extreme recession and its saunas. Although most people are familiar with Finland, they are not as familiar with the cultural customs that are a part of this northern land.

The following customs are some of the most interesting traditions that are practiced in the world. Some of these customs you may have heard of, and some may not know about.

Grill Queue – Grillijono

This is not the barbecue grill that many Americans are familiar with. Instead, this is a fast food restaurant that is placed in various areas of villages, towns and cities in Finland.

There is only one rule when you visit one of these restaurants, and this rule is that you must never skip the queue or the line. Most of the patrons abide by this rule, but it is common for intoxicated patrons to try and start fights with others waiting in line. Always respect the rules of the queue, and wait until your turn arrives to order from the grill.

Air Guitar

It should not come as a surprise that a country that has so many hardcore fans of heavy metal and rock will host annual World Air Guitar competitions and championships. These championships and competitions take place in Oulu, a city located in Northern Finland.

The very first competition was held as a way to make fun of air guitar. However, it quickly became popular and the festival has transformed into an annual tradition. In fact, the festival/championship has become so popular, event planners have networked with 20 other countries.

Are you wondering what air guitar is? It is playing a guitar that does not exist. Then, imagine playing this guitar while lip-syncing and dancing. You continue with your performance and get the crowd ready to enjoy your air guitar solo. This helps you win the hearts of the crowd and the votes of the judges.


Saunas are fixtures in Finnish culture, and your visit will not be complete without experience a true sauna experience. A purifying act occurs during the process, and vihta or vasta is used during the process.

Vashta and vihta are two words that have the same meaning. It is a bundle of twigs that made of birch, and tied together using natural materials. This bundle is used hit yourself after your sauna.

This is a tradition that commonly occurs during celebrations during the middle of summer, and is said to help improve blood flow and circulation.

Sausage And Potatoes

You may be familiar with eating sausage with potatoes or hash browns, but chances are, you have never had sausage and potatoes in the manner that is a part of Finnish culture. The dish is simple and delicious, but it is also greasy.

This traditional dish is often consumed later at night after enjoying a night out on the town. When you are placing your order for sausage and potatoes, be sure to add everything. Ketchup, mustard and pickled cucumbers with onions are some of the ways you can enhance the flavor of your dish.

These are only four of the many interesting traditions in Finnish culture. The reserved and quiet citizens of Finland have adapted to their environment, and have preserved their language and simple way of life.

Hei ja tervetuloa! (Hello and Welcome)

Hello, and welcome to my blog about Finnish culture! My name is Oona, and I am a second-generation Finnish-American. I was born in the US but have relatives still in Finland, and I would like to visit there soon. I wanted to write about the culture to learn about it myself of course, but also share with anyone curious about this small and charming country. Plus I have a class here at college that requires that we build a blog, so I thought it would be a nice combination. I hope you enjoy it!

We live a global society, and it is a good idea that we get to know about other cultures. The chances are high that we will encounter people from many different countries in our daily lives. This is one of the many reasons why it would be essential to learn more about the Finnish culture and what it can teach the rest of us who are from other countries.

One of the biggest reasons to learn more about Finnish culture is so that you can be a better citizen of the world. You will be able to understand anyone you meet from Finland better than you would otherwise. This can allow for more conversations and even friendships to develop. Becoming friends with people from other countries is very doable because of the internet and is vital to creating a more peaceful world.

Another reason to learn more about the culture is that it can teach us something. We can learn more about how other people live and take that back to our own homes. We can see if something we do base on our own culture could use some changing up and by applying Finish culture back in our homes, we might make life better for ourselves.

A third reason to learn about their culture is to open up our minds more than they already are. By learning how people do things in a different part of the world, we can become a better person ourselves. We might assume that everyone does things the same way and that isn’t true. By learning about a different culture, we can see that there is more than one way to do something.

When it comes to Finnish culture, we should be learning about gender, art, music, families, money, food, and more. We should learn what we can about all aspects of their culture. That way we will truly get a sense of what is essential to the Finnish people and how they live their lives on a regular basis.

The best way to learn about the Finnish culture is to talk to people who have been raised in it or are still living it. This might not always be easy, but because of the internet, it is very possible to do so. You can talk to anyone no matter where they live just by going online.

You can also read books and websites on the subject. This will make it easy to learn about the culture without having to rely on anyone else. You can go online to look for websites, to your local bookstore and even the library to learn more about the culture. There will be a neverending amount of information out there for you to look up.

If you have friends who are also interested in learning more about the culture you should talk with them about what they have learned about. You can share with one another and become even more knowledgeable about the Finnish culture.