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Almost 150 years ago the main house of RUUTIN KARTANO was built close to the village of Laihia.

In 1910 it was moved in parts and set up together with the farm,

here in this place that is calmly laying in the middle of the wide grain fields.

 The manor was home to generations of hard-working families and hired hands.

In the past many gatherings were held here and guest were, like today, always hosted with joy.

Your nowadays host is the Moser family:
Ville, Janine with Elin, Ida and Timo.

We have been settling down in this magnificent place in 2018

and love the life and work on our traditional Finnish farmstead that is full of rustic charm.

Here you can find as well Janines ORAVA STUDIO where handcrafted ceramics are created.

Find your favorite unique pieces inspired by Nordic craft and nature on



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